Refund Policy
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04-11-2020, 09:35 PM -
We can only refund:
  • If we have not completed your order between the given time frame of 2-3 days.
We do not refund:
  • If you ask for a refund after we have sent / given you the download link of the completed project.
    This means that you have received the final product.
  • If you ask for a refund after your free 1 week support has ended.
  • If you ask for a refund because you just feel like it.
    Note: We do have chat logs, this will be provided to Paypal as proof of billing & successful transaction.
We take our business seriously and we deliver the project with highest quality.
Therefore, we also take measure that once we detect a refund without notifying us we have the full rights to disable your license.
Once the License has been disabled, the Launcher will no longer work.
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