How to properly make the image slider work
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04-11-2020, 09:23 PM -
One of the best feature of our launcher is that it has a built-in carousel.
An image slider that you can configure!

By default this Feature is disabled or Hidden.
You can request it to be shown / enabled in your launcher.

To make it work, open your Carousel.xml using notepad in "/www/launcher/" folder.

Figure 1.
[Image: 9fA2KTG.png]

As you can see, the settings in Carousel.xml is very easy to follow and straight forward.
Example has also been added.

All you need to do is replace the "<slide1> to <slide5>" with the images of your choice.

For example:
In <slide1> you want to put there "GM EVENT". So put your GM Event image file (.jpg/.png).
Ex: <slide1></slide1>
Then in <desc1> you put what is the "image is all about".
Ex: <desc1>Find the GM event, Win Prizes!<desc1>
Then you want your "players" to know more about this event, so you will add the event url.
Ex: <url1><url1>

Do this to all your 5 image sliders.
You can add promotions, events and other important announcements.

The launcher will "randomly" show the images during execution.

Note: Edit the XML properly, do not delete the nodes in order for it to work. 
If you want to only show 1 images, put all the ImageLink in <slide1> to <slide5>.

Now your Carousel should work properly!
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