[Step 4] Configuring the Launcher
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04-11-2020, 09:19 PM -
What makes our launcher unique is that it has the ability to be configured buy the server owners.

This means, if you want to change like "server name" it is possible to do so.

Configuring the Launcher.

You can configure the launcher by opening the Settings.xml in notepad.
Location: /www/launcher/Settings.xml

Figure 1.
[Image: Lbf9TOt.png]
Note: Do not delete any nodes in this file. It will create errors and your launcher will not work!

Explanations (Launcher Section)
svrip - is your server ip, you can use your game server ip or just your webhost/website.
gameserverport - is the server port that the game client connects to.
newsurl - is your news page. There are examples in /www/web.news.main/ folder.
website - your game website.
param - is your start parameter. For example: Game.exe -start -ip where -start -ip is the parameter.
exec - is the game executable. The game client. Example: Game.exe , where Game.exe is the executable.
serverName - is your Server Name. It will appear in your Launcher's name.
useFileCheck - is a feature to let the launcher if you want to use verification check / integrity check or not.
R, G, B - is the color of the highlights and your progress bar.

Explanations (Links Section)
Figure 2.
[Image: qxSlmKA.png]

This is where you edit what the buttons in your launcher do.
This is very self-explanatory and easy to replace.

Just add your own personal link in <url1> to <url3> node.

With this you have successfully configured your Launcher!
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